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Award winning title, How could my husband be GAY?, is an autobiographical look into the life of Ondrea L. Davis. On the outside, Ondrea's life is nothing short of a fairy tale. She has a dream home, the perfect husband and three beautiful children. Ondrea soon discovers that her husband, Marceous King, is not the man she thought she married. Exhausting all efforts to salvage her marriage, Ondrea finds herself in the fight of her life. In the process, she uncovers a highly sophisticated web of deception and shocking secrets. Marceous will stop at nothing to keep Ondrea from exposing the truth and derailing his plan - even if it means destroying her in the process. In this battle of good versus evil, who will be the ultimate victor?
Unmasking the Preacher In a time of great compromise and controversy as it relates to the message of Jesus Christ, the role of the preacher must be clearly defined so that the purpose for which he has been called is fulfilled. The preacher is labeled as everything from a motivational speaker and mentor, to a counselor and spiritual advisor. With the many expectations that are often attached to his role in the ministry, he deals with personal failures and struggles behind closed doors - often wearing the mask to hide who he really is from the congregation, his family, and sometimes even from God. Unmasking the Preacher examines the role, purpose and destiny of the preacher as defined by scripture. It is here that the preacher can rely on the Word of God to be his guidance for every challenge he will face both in and out of the pulpit. Growth in his relationship with God will help him balance his life and the demands of ministry, without giving in to the temptation of forfeiting his assignment and calling. When the preacher becomes self-exposed, self-sacrificed, and selfless to the ministry, it is then that he can remove the mask and stand before others with a compassion and conviction of living an acceptable lifestyle before God. Unmasking the Preacher presents a unique guide for ministers to transform from a hidden place of fear to an open altar before God where the same healing and deliverance they preach about, they can receive in areas of their own lives.  Whether you are reading this book as a pastor, or you have just been ordained as a minister, you need to know that it is God’s desire to maximize your gifts, talents and abilities through the anointing of His spirit. So allow yourself to look beyond your limitations and rely on your faith to see what God sees in you. On the road to destiny, let’s unmask ourselves before Him without fear and reservation. As you read through the pages, you will learn how to discipline your character to reflect Christ-like characteristics. There will be many things you can relate to, as well as scripture based references for you to study and refer to during your journey. When you allow yourself to be totally unmasked, Jesus will be the only image the world will ever see, and His glory will be revealed in your life.
Ondrea L. Davis is a native of the Washington, DC area. She graduated from South University earning a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. She is currently pursuing her MBA. Davis is a 34 year old mother of three who resides in Upper Marlboro, MD. She is also the owner of a growing Accounting & Consulting firm. How could my husband be GAY? is her first novel.
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The Authors
ISBN: 978-0-9852849-0-9 List Price: $12.00
Fletcher L. Davis born December 16, 1954, is a third generation Apostolic believer. He was baptized in Jesus name at the age of eight, and received the Holy Ghost in 1968. He was raised at the Bible Way Temple Church, located in Washington D.C., under the late Apostle Smallwood E. Williams before following the ministry of his late grandfather, Bishop Benjamin Lumpkins. In 1983, he joined Greater Morning Star Pentecostal Church under the late Bishop Ramsey N. Butler. In 1994, he answered the call to the ministry and currently serves as Assistant Pastor of Greater Morning Star Apostolic Ministries, located in Upper Marlboro, MD. He is also President of the Ministerial Congress. He graduated from Aenon Bible College in 2005 with a B.A. in Pastoral Ministry. Fletcher is married to Beverly Davis, and to this union of 36 years they are blessed with four children - Ondrea, Anthony, Támara and Gregory. He is an anointed preacher, teacher, and man of God who humbly strives to deliver the message of Christ to the world.
Traveling the Road to Nowhere by Cindy L. Tyler   Traveling the Road to Nowhere is a short, thought-provoking depiction of how easily we can veer off course in our relationship with God.  Whether through a series of small, unassuming attacks or a massive assault designed to devour us in one instant, our choices often determine our outcome. Therefore, we must remain aware of the ultimate purpose of the devil’s strategy, which is for each of us to join in his eternal demise – the Lake of Fire.  Because of God’s unconditional love for us, He sends various forms of warning to help us avoid the crooked roads presented by the enemy.  His will is that we select the straight path leading to everlasting life. Prayerfully, this title will cause us all to reflect on how many times we have found ourselves in unfamiliar territory, without a surety that God is leading us. How many times do we travel through life without divine direction?  As cunning as the enemy may be, we serve an omniscient God who exposes the demonic devices launched against us, if we maintain open lines of communication with Him.  As this generation seeks to wake out of spiritual slumber, will we hear His voice or will we fall prey to the eternal plot to steal, kill and destroy?  Consider the costs of Traveling the Road to Nowhere?
In Defense of the Gospel by Cindy L. Tyler   Constant news of wars and rumors of wars make it apparent that we are now living in the last days as foretold in Matthew 24.  Consequently, it behooves us to ensure that each generation birthed into the earth is equipped with the sound, spiritual knowledge found in God’s Word.  Simply raising our youth in or around a church atmosphere is not enough to fortify them against the countless teachers of false doctrine.  In Defense of the Gospel has been composed to preserve our heritage by affording our children a clear, yet complete understanding of the Apostolic doctrine.  The plan of salvation as instructed by Jesus to His apostles, is the foundation of our spiritual freedom.  Therefore, the key that unlocks this door is a complete comprehension of Jesus’ sacrifice for us, via His death, burial and resurrection.  Only with this knowledge can we implement the measures we must take to accept His sacrifice through faith. This guide can be used as a resourceful tool to instruct and instill the truths of God’s Word in an effective, enjoyable manner.  Within its pages are not only doctrinal instructions, but a variety of activities, based exclusively upon the Holy Scriptures.  Utilizing every opportunity to arm children of all ages with essential Biblical principles is a requirement to endure these perilous times.  Let’s join Mary and Michael as they have a talk with Jesus and learn the ABCs of the Apostolic Doctrine.   
Enamored With Love by Ondrea L. Davis Leslee and Sean clearly personify the old cliché stating that opposites attract.  She was raised in a loving, Christian family with both parents and two siblings. Enchanted with the concept of wedded bliss, Leslee is adamant about attaining the happiness her parents have shared for the past thirty years.  On the other hand, Sean grew up as an only child, with no religious guidance.  Often forced to witness his mother’s physical abuse, Sean would give anything to marry a strong woman to fill the voids that have plagued him from his youth.  As a result, he vows never to strike his wife.   Although from distinctly different backgrounds, Leslee and Sean are looking for a love that has eluded them so far.  To their surprise, a chance meeting sparks an unimaginable attraction that renders them incapable of ignoring. The issue is that two years later, the love they initially pursued has never materialized.  Leslee learns that abuse comes in more than just the physical form, while Sean is forced to confront the abuse that has been internalized as his own.   If their marriage is to survive, both must delve deeper to acknowledge and resolve their individual issues.  Were they merely infatuated with the notion of love? Have the efforts they’ve made to heal been initiated too late?  Entombed in a river of rippling emotion, the answers to these questions, only Leslee and Sean can determine.
Love & Marriage: Are We Really Compatible? by Ondrea L. Davis & Tamara C. Walters Love, by definition, is an emotion or state of mind that signifies endearment and affection felt for another.  All the while, there exists a more spiritual “face” of love which exemplifies what it means to genuinely sacrifice for, submit to, and give oneself to another.   As such, we must realize that as a multi-faceted concept, it is important to be aware of how your mate comprehends and expresses love to others.  Consider the upbringing and experiences of the person you may be in a relationship with.  How will their past affect the way they express themselves to you?  Is the way you convey your feelings the same as how they were raised?  In most instances, this is not the case.  As a result, shouldn’t you be cognizant of the components that will frame the quality of your future together? Love & Marriage is a practical guide that will assist men and women in their quest to assess readiness for marriage, and equip them for life after the vows.  Together, couples will actively discuss issues that span from the raising of children to credit history, and even to how they cope with conflict.  Initiated from inception, healthy communication should be the foundation of a fulfilling marriage.  Therefore, this handbook facilitates the maneuvering of various topics with ease. Within the most effective scenario, these subjects should be considered BEFORE marriage.  However, whether dating or married, each chapter allows couples to gain substantial insight into the views of their significant other, as well as their own.  Armed with this simple, yet crucial knowledge, we can answer the ultimate question regarding marriage: Are We Really Compatible?
Cindy L. Tyler was born and raised in Washington, D.C.   She is a member of Greater Morning Star Apostolic Ministries, under the tutelage of Bishop Charles E. Johnson, Sr.   A graduate of Mount Vernon College and George Washington University, she has obtained degrees in Childhood Education and Psychology, respectively.   As a result, Ms. Tyler is a remarkable instructor of God’s Word, using innovative and effective methods to teach biblical principles and practical life skills to youth of all ages.    Her love for this generation led her to form Teaching Our Youth Survival Skills (T.O.Y.S.S.) under the umbrella of Sharing, Caring, Reaching All People’s Souls (S.C.R.A.P.S), an organization she formed to reach all souls for Christ.  In addition to enjoying extensive world travels, she is an avid reader and lover of mind stimulating games.   In Defense of the Gospel: The ABCs of Understanding the Apostolic Doctrine and Traveling the Road to Nowhere, are her first two published titles.
Támara C. Walters is the third of four children and was educated in the Prince George’s County Public Schools System.  Furthering her education at Morgan State University and the University of Maryland University College, she studied Accounting and Business Management.  Having been raised in the church, Támara served in several areas of ministry, to include the youth choir, drama ministry, prison ministry, Ministers’ and Deacons’ Wives Alliance, and Young People’s Auxiliary, where she served for 10 years.  Tamara was joined in holy matrimony to Pastor Chino Walters on October 9, 2004, and they are the parents of three beautiful children: Isaiah, Cheyenne, and Ashlyn.   As a first lady of Greater Morning Star Apostolic Church in Waldorf, MD, Támara gladly embraces her call to support her husband in ministry.  With a passion for women’s ministry, she looks forward to helping to develop women, and lead them in focusing on their spiritual and natural growth.  Támara is committed to working alongside her husband to promote youth empowerment, strong marriages and family relationships, as well as to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the community.  Love & Marriage: Are We Really Compatible? will be her first published title.
List Price: $9.00
List Price: $12.00
List Price: $15.00
List Price: $12.00
“…a captivating tale of deception…” 
ISBN: 978-0-615-410265 List Price: $10.00
List price: $10.00
Unmasking the Preacher
Traveling the Road to Nowhere
In Defense of the Gospel
Love & Marriage: Are We Really Compatible?
Enamored With Love